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Loving Kindness & The Inner Path of Yoga

Sometimes you receive specially wrapped packages in the mail from friends that remind you of the magic of loving kindness. My surprise and enthusiasm are entirely genuine.

HUGE gratitude to my friend on the other side of the world for taking the time, spending the money, making the effort and showing the thoughtfulness. Every gift I receive from friends is a treasured blessing.(Hoarder alert! Lol...yes, I probably do still have that thing you gave me back then!)

Loving Kindness

Loving kindness, metta bhavana, is an important principle in yogic philosophy as well as Buddhism and other religions. While a physical gift is a BIG act of loving kindness, simply thinking positive thoughts during meditation is also loving kindness.

The Buddhist Dharma Meditation Center explains: "Loving-kindness is a meditation practice, which brings about positive attitudinal changes as it systematically develops the quality of 'loving-acceptance'. It acts, as it were, as a form of self-psychotherapy, a way of healing the troubled mind to free it from its pain and confusion. Of all Buddhist meditations, loving-kindness has the immediate benefit of sweetening and changing old habituated negative patterns of mind."

Behold, the first card from my new deck: The Inner Path - Yoga Philosophy Practice Deck! Shuffled, randomly chosen: YOGA. Divinely perfect.

Check out my other yoga oracle deck, The Yogic Path! These tools are valuable guides in my path in life, and help me trust my intuition.

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