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Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?

"When did you decide to become a witch?" a friend from Japan once innocently asked me as I pulled the same tarot card for him randomly from my deck that I usually did. I laughed and thought about how differently that word is perceived here in the Western world. For better or for worse, I'm a witch. A good witch.

I don't like any of the definitions of the word "witch" that exist, so I won't cite them. We all know the stereotypical haggard old woman stooped over a boiling pot of various body parts and herbs. To me, being a witch means tuning into the ancient wisdom we ALL KNOW and is part of our DNA to accept the lessons of the earth. This wisdom yields a power so strong we’ve made monsters of those who understand it.

Now that’s some powerful stuff! So powerful, it can even feel magical. But, I wouldn't go so far as to say I practice magic.

As my yoga practice grows, so does my self awareness. The connection I have with my intuitive voice is constant and immediate. I spent years viewing this as a weakness, wishing I could be more logical, make decisions with my brain instead of my heart. Only recently have I accepted just how blessed I am to have the ability to tap into my intuition with confidence.

While picking the same card from a deck for a friend seems like a fun party trick, it truly helped me believe in my abilities by physically presenting proof. I’ve since expanded my intuitive readings to age and birthday guessing - more fun party trick proof. Although I didn’t need to be “right,” it continually reinforced my belief in my own intuition till I got to the point that I stopped doubting it altogether.

Below is a video that shares some of my own favorite home spiritual practices. Check it out to learn more about my talisman friends, crystals for protection, sound therapy, and how the Dharana limb of yoga connects to it all.

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