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Jackie Fink

  • A relaxing evening of gentle yoga, sound bath and SoCal's finest canna...

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    Duration Varies

    60 US dollars
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Yoga. Massage. Art.

Welcome to a path to feeling better in your body! A professional educator of 20 years, Jackie has a passion for the arts, yoga and bodywork. Jackie believes in a humane and sustainable future through empowering each of us to live as our highest selves.

Come in. Let go. Relax.


Artrice, Client

I had an amazing massage experience with Jackie!  I immediately felt relaxed with the breathing exercises we did before the massage started.

Megan, Client

Jackie was AMAZING! Excellent deep tissue/sports massage with great breathing work and healing practice. I haven’t had a massage this good in YEARS

Beverly, Client

Jackie was PHENOMENAL. I’ve had so many massages before but this one felt intentional. Idk how to explain it but every movement every pressure felt extremely intentional and I’ve never experienced that before.


We are one.

We learn as complete beings - mind, body and soul - by nurturing our creative selves, maintaining mindfulness, and embracing the natural playful spirit within us all. We unlock our best selves when in balance.

Grow together.

Based in the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, Jackie is an innately creative spirit available for in-person and online yoga teaching and art instruction for the greater Los Angeles area.

Contact Jackie to chat about how we can work together to help you and your children grow - professional, personalized yoga, massage and art services are ready for you.

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+1 213-568-5043



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