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Balanced yoga for a balanced self

Events & Classes

Los Angeles (in-person)
Peace Yoga Gallery

5:00 Sunday - Family Yoga

5:00 Wednesday - Roll & Relax




Yogis on the Move

6:00 Thursday - Wilshire Valencia

10:00 Saturday - Aliso

9:00 Sunday - Be DTLA

2:22 Mondays - Livestream

Family Yoga

3:00 Tuesdays - Zoom

9:00 Saturday - Livestream

Private Yoga & Healing

All of Jackie's yoga classes and healing sessions are available online.

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"Now begins the practice of yoga."

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga is a spiritual practice and deserves to be respected as such. Movement is just one small part of yoga. To truly reach a place of zen, Jackie includes a balanced practice of meditation, asana (movement) and pranayama (breath work). In Iyengar-style yoga, Jackie uses props to help achieve proper alignment and heal your body. Not your typical aerobic exercise, the flow of Jackie's classes is focused and intentional throughout, taking you on a journey to explore your mind, body and spirit.

Deep gratitude to Liberation Yoga, Peace Yoga Gallery, and my mentor Pagan for guiding me on my yogic path.


Private Yoga Sessions

First, Jackie listens carefully to your story. Personalized with all of your needs in mind, Jackie takes you on a customized meditation journey to begin practice. As a sequence of poses are practiced, Jackie provides feedback and modifications to help you perfect your alignment. Sessions end with a deeply relaxing guided meditation.

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Yoga & Sacrament

Partnered with Agora Temple, Jackie shares the spiritual practice of yoga in the beautiful sunlit studio in DTLA. Join Jackie for a 60-minute Iyengar-style yoga class and sacrament at 6pm on Wednesdays.


Not in LA? Classes are available on Zoom too!

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Community Classes

Yoga is for everyone.


If you cannot afford a service, please contact me to negotiate a price that fits your budget. Or join me for a free class on Zoom every Wednesday at 6pm PT.

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