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Meet Teacher Jackie!

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Jackie is a leader in education innovation. Since starting her career at a premier online charter school in her home state of Pennsylvania in 2003, Jackie fully embraced online teaching and learning and is now an expert in the field. At the core of her passion for education is creating safe and equitable learning environments for children everywhere in the world.

Education Services



What education project can I help you with? Creative problem solving with a keen sense of future readiness. 



Outside-the-box approach to reaching your audience for small businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations like Fmly Frst.


Web Design

Practical web design that makes your brand shine online. Specializing in SEO optimization on Wordpress and Wix platforms.



Any subject, any grade. Empowering learners with the study skills they need to succeed in their classes today and for years to come.


Media Production

Calling on unique, creative media projects! Need help bringing your vision to life? Crew and equipment available.



The art of puppetry opens new worlds for learners of all ages. Available for puppet performances, educator workshops and maker spaces. Special thanks to Pacific Puppetry for teaching me everything I know about puppets! 

The kids love Teacher Jackie! She is fun and bright, and always brings smiles to the kids' faces.

Lisa, Parent

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