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Pablo Picasso

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Art is Wellness

Research supports the positive effects of art on physical and mental wellness. Moreover, we know in our souls when we are called to create. With patient guidance and hands-on instruction, you can explore new ways to engage your mind, from the tip of your frontal cortex to the base of your medulla oblongata. Massage your mind, create something  you've never seen before.

Life is Art | Art is Life

The pull of innate creativity that lives in our souls is much like the pull of the moon on the waves - constant, alluring and powerful. Unleashing the mind through art is a meditation unique to itself. Like stepping your toes into the a cool ocean wave, art refreshes and soothes the soul. 

Welcome to Jackie's Art Lounge!

Where rules are meant to be broken, limits tested, perspectives discovered, and art is made.

Let's color outside the lines together!


Being involved in an art community creates a network of like-mind


Art is a safe space to process emotions and calms the nervous system


To yourself, to your ancestors, to source itself - art opens a connection


Art is meditation, allowing space for ideas to flourish by quieting the mind


Art is a familiar friend you can turn to, a tool of support in times of challenge


Art is a teacher, driving us to learn and expand our perspectives

Original Artwork

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